Our wholesale program

You can benefit from wholesale prices, buying directly from our website, and re-selling the t-shirts.

The process is quite simple. You buy, just as a regular customer. But when you buy more than a defined amount, the program automatically applies the wholesale discount.


No need to apply for a wholesale account

In other wholesale t-shirts sites, you have to first apply for a wholesale account. And they ask you a lot of questions, like your business license, and other questions. I really don't understand why they ask such questions.

We have a different approach. Maybe it's because we are also retailers.

Some of these wholesalers even make you promise not to sell on Ebay and Etsy. With us, you can sell wherever you want. We don't care. You can compete with us. There's plenty of market for both of us to profit.


Only best sellers on our website

The t-shirts we sell on our website, are the same t-shirts we sell on our stores. We don't try to sell old designs for online clients. The designs you'll find on our website, are the best designs and those who sell the most. And we have all kind of customers with different nationalities. So, our designs appeal to a broad audience.


Easy to get wholesale prices

It's true you have to buy a certain quantity to get a wholesale price. But it's a small quantity. Easily achievable. And you can combine any different designs, different t-shirt models, and different sizes. As long as your order reaches the wholesale value, you get the discount.

This means you don't have to invest a lot of money to have a collection with different designs.


Huge margins

With our wholesale prices, you can multiply the price by 2, or even 3, and still sell at competitive prices.


Big choice

We have a big choice of funny t-shirts. And also other designs t-shirts.

Every year, we add several designs.


Our team

Finally, I want to talk about our team. If you visited our stores, you met some people of our team, and you know how we work. We are committed to help our customers.


How it works

All prices shown at our website are regular prices (not wholesale prices).

When you add to the shopping cart more than 30 t-shirts, you'll get a 50% discount.

This means, for example, a t-shirt costing 14.90€ will have a final price of 7.45€.


We have very competitive shipping costs

From 30 to 59 t-shirts- 15€

From 60 to 99 t-shirts- 25€

More than 100 t-shirts- 40€


For the moment, we are only selling wholesale for customers in Europe. If you live outside Europe and wish to buy wholesale, please contact us.